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Your personalized action plan.

Understanding the

Wealth Partnership Solution

Here's how we develop and prepare your individualized action plan

Step One

We'll take the time to get to know what's important to you.

Asking the hard questions will help us determine what matters to you most. We will take the time to understand your present circumstances, attitudes and opportunities.

Step Two

We'll introduce who we are, clearly explain what we can do for you and ensure you understand our approach.

You will receive an overview of The Wealth Partnership Solution and clarification of what will be your responsibility and what will be ours. We will also discuss your expectations and explain how we are paid.

Step Three

We'll develop and prepare your personalized action plan. This includes evaluating your:

Cash Flow, Income Protection, Employee Benefits, Taxes, Assisting Children, Retirement, Managing and Maximizing Investment, Estate, Business Succession, Assistance of Parents.

For a more detailed description of these components,
contact us.

Step Four

Your individualized team will handle all the paperwork.

When you're ready to implement your personalized action plan, we will prepare all the paperwork necessary to establish new accounts and transfer your assets.

On your behalf, we will also assemble a team that has the best expertise and ability to deliver results for your needs.

Step Five

The Lifetime Review Process

Our priority is you! We'll review and adjust your plan throughout your lifetime. You can count on regularly scheduled meetings, readily available team members to help with any additional questions, and flash emails and/or letters to let you know when special circumstances arise.

No surprises. We'll make sure you always know what's next and what's new.

Call 1 888 584-2755