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Life-Integrated Financial Management.

Financial Management

  • Cash flow projections, goal prioritization, budgets, debt reductions
  • Create a personalized financial solution by reviewing all components of your life, including: assets, liabilities, income & expenses
  • Coordinate work place transitions and severances, including: Group RRSPs, RPP, DPSP & Retirement Allowances

The Financial Life Cycle

Building the Foundation 

  • Finish higher education, pay off student debt 
  • Career, marriage, enter housing market, start family
  • Live within means, save the difference

Career, Debt Reduction & Building Wealth 

  • Launch career, climb corporate ladder, focus on family
  • Mortgage and debt repayment focus
  • Consider more disciplined savings plan, pay yourself first

Pay Down Debt & Wealth Accumulation 

  • Rising earnings, more responsibilities, children’s education
  • Asset accumulation, start retirement capital projection

Determining your Number, Freedom thoughts 

  • Higher earnings, career change and layoffs
  • Possible peak earning years, acceleration of savings

Retirement & Optional Work 

  • Full or semi-retirement, transition to leisure & spending
  • Determine purpose and plan (if fully retired)
  • Government Benefits & personal investments

Traditional Retirement (Golden Years) 

  • Continuing to enjoy the years
  • Decumulation years
  • Additional focus on estate planning & legacy

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