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Looking Ahead to Retirement.


Retirement Planning

Preparing for, transitioning into and enjoying retirement. You need the right financial solutions to meet your individual and family’s needs.

At GP Financial Services, we provide those retirement solutions. This includes determining the right balance between your spending and saving, and how to build your wealth while considering debt repayment, insurance coverage and retirement income.

Retirement is an Individual and Family Journey. 

Everyone is unique.

Role Reversal: How to have conversations about support for aging loved ones.

A fulfilling retirement is not simply a matter of accumulating sufficient wealth to give you peace of mind. It also involves knowing what you will do to allow you to be as active and productive as you were during your working days. With a design and regular progress meetings, GP Financial Services will ensure your retirement meets your expectations. This is the value of our advice.

Preparing for Retirement

Achieving the retirement you desire involves:

  • Knowing your income options and tax planning
  • Ensuring health benefits meet your needs

Transitioning into retirement

Your retirement plan must properly allocate your investments to ensure your savings will last as long as possible. GP Financial Services can guide you in the best course of action for tax efficiency and avoiding exposure to risk.

Enjoying retirement

Today, retirees are living and staying independent longer. Defined benefit plans are no longer common. In these changing times, GP Financial Services will help you be prepared to face your retirement years with confidence.

You will require:

  • Steady income stream
  • Cash reserve
  • Asset protection
  • Estate plans 
  • Ideas for staying healthy & keeping active

We provide you guidance to help:

  • Integrate/consolidate employer workplace savings plan into an individualized personal plan
  • Eliminate (or consolidate) debt
  • Invest for your future
  • Plan for emergencies by protecting savings & income
  • Understanding government’s role in retirement benefits
  • Balance product allocation

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